Producer & Creative Director:

Princess, who also goes by the name SimplyMiPrii in the Bedrock Community, is an American YouTuber and Minecraft mod enthusiast. She started her channel in 2016, where she directed several Minecraft role-plays and developed a passion for managing and producing creative projects. In late 2022, Princess started producing a new add-on series dedicated to Minecraft Bedrock called The FAYE Project.

Lead Add-on & CIT Developer:

Simjue, who is also known as JJ Craft in the Bedrock community, has been playing Minecraft for five years. For almost three years, Simjue has been creating 3D Blockbench models independently. When Simjue first started playing Minecraft Bedrock, most modders only created them in Java. However, Simjue chose to develop mods for Bedrock and has been doing so ever since.

Lead World Map Designer & Skin Artist:

Night, who is also known as NightShade in the Bedrock community, has been playing Minecraft since 2010, specifically during Alpha version 1.1. He has been an official builder since 2013 and specializes in building basic redstone, designing, and Hardcore Survival. For Night, creativity is of utmost importance, as it allows him to bring his visual dreams into reality as an artist. Minecraft serves as the perfect outlet for his imagination!

Digital & Publishing Artist:

Amber, who is also known as UunoToons in the digital art community, has been playing Minecraft for over 9 years. She started playing on her sister's tablet when Pocket Edition was still in its alpha stage. Currently, Amber is pursuing graphic design and visual arts at an American Arts Academy. During her freshman year, she created both digital and branding art for the FAYE Project and SimplyMiPrii!

Display Set Designer:

Pastelix has been playing Minecraft Pocket Edition since 2015, and his interest in building within the game has grown over time. He eventually discovered Java edition, which allowed him to create a community of online friends. Pastelix is passionate about designing and has even started creating his own mods and textures. Apart from Minecraft, he is also a multidimensional artist who studies fashion and color theory. He often draws inspiration from the Cottagecore style.

Texture Pack & GUI Designer:

Pastelyn began playing Minecraft in 2015 and has gained a reputation in the bedrock community for her texture pack commissions and ports. Since she started making texture packs in 2021, she has specialized in designing. Pastelyn usually finds her inspiration from online artists or appealing visuals. For instance, her '4k texture pack' is inspired by a dress design!

Videographer & 3D Render Artist:

Nekolote is a content creator who has been playing Minecraft since 2015. They specialize in Minecraft Bedrock and have been creating their roleplays for five years. Apart from writing, editing, designing, and filming their content, Nekolote is proficient in Blender, a 3D modeling software, which they use to create their thumbnails and renders. Nekolote is studying to become an animator and offers render commissions to others.